I Be Slackin’

I am what most people would call a procrastinator. I wait until the very last moment to do anything that requires an extended period of time to do. It doesn’t matter if I’m told to make the best illustrative work to the best of my abilities with a time limit of 50 years. I’ll end up doing that project on my death bed.

Now this doesn’t apply to everything, I’m not crazy. But I think it comes down to if I know I don’t need all that time to get so & so done and have it still be great. Like blog posts. I need 30 by the end of the semester, the semester is about 4 or so months long. I am capable of doing a post everyday from the start. But my body is like I’m good, it’ll get done, it doesn’t matter when it’s done as long as it’s done and it’s great. My body be silly like that.


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