Gaming Is A Job

My teacher went on a sort of “rant” yesterday about how people who play video games all the timr are wasting their lives. I completely disagree, but didn’t say anything as it would probably start a disruption, and it was the last day of class so I was like fuck it whatever man. I don’t think he knows that people play video games for a living, earn decent wages, and are completely happy, because its something they really love. So how dare you teacher, things that may be complete nonsense to you might be the source of all happiness to someone else. So XPPPPP all the XPPPPPPP

Shout out to:

Markiplier, LordMinion777, muyskerm, Cryaotic, RussMoney, ScottJund, La_Li_Lu_Le_Lo, TheRadBrad, TheRpgMinx, dlive22891, LilyPichu, GameGrumps, TotalBiscuit, GassyMexican, OhmWrecker, Jesse Cox, PressHeartToContinue(Dodger), JonTron & PewDiePie

I love you guys.


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