Get ‘er Done

One more week until the semester ends. Things I still need to get done:

Monday: Pass math final, talk to teacher about how great I did on my BFA project

Tuesday: Work on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday class work

Wednesday: Talk about how my poster looks more like graphic design than illustration, because the teacher is picky

Thursday: Talk about several projects, that probably don’t work together

Friday: Talk about my finished website, that probably looks like shit

Saturday: Start thinking of illustration shit to do over the summer

Sunday: Zzz



So remember those sassy nav buttons I’ve talked about in my other posts?(probably not) I had to ask my web design teacher how to make the text be right in the middle of the buttons. For some reason, and this all started in high school, I had a real problem with asking for help, because of the idea that I’ll be cruelly judged or personally thinking that I’m stupid. So I try my hardest to figure everything out before I ask about it. It actually took my teacher a little while to help me, because well the text was being sassy. But I’m glad I asked for help, because I would have never figured that out. So its alright to ask questions and most people are happy and willing to help anyway. But to those people who just wanna fuck with a kid that obviously learns differently than you here’s a gold star. You’ll reach platinum level one day, just ask the kid next to you.

The only thing you have to fear…

I had my BFA Review presentation last night. I had been indecisive throughout the entire project. Changing my topic twice, hearing my professor say that he was concerned about my progress. Not feeling like I put out enough work. This is a class that can break me, if I fail this I can’t continue on with my BFA major. I managed to push out 14 posters, 3 stickers, & 2 scarves. Slurred my speech through the oral part and showed my work on the projector while I passed around my physical copies.










Your Silly: Director’s Cut

I got A Million Ways to Die in the West on DVD for my boyfriend and I to watch yesterday, so I showed my aunt. First thing out of her mouth:

“Why’d you get that? You can watch it on demand for free.”

This is coming from the nerd that has all The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit DVDs that come on tv all time.

“I have the director’s cuts and extended editions, you can’t get those extra 30min. on tv.”

Ok, but most people don’t bother to buy the director’s cuts and stuff, most people would be happy with just having the standard digital copy…she’s made me upset at this point.

“Well let me see the DVD

What the WHAT? You sat here and got on me about a DVD YOU DIDN’T EVEN BUY and now you want to see it….get me an ibuprofen.

“OH, you got the unrated version”

…face palm…

I Be Slackin’

I am what most people would call a procrastinator. I wait until the very last moment to do anything that requires an extended period of time to do. It doesn’t matter if I’m told to make the best illustrative work to the best of my abilities with a time limit of 50 years. I’ll end up doing that project on my death bed.

Now this doesn’t apply to everything, I’m not crazy. But I think it comes down to if I know I don’t need all that time to get so & so done and have it still be great. Like blog posts. I need 30 by the end of the semester, the semester is about 4 or so months long. I am capable of doing a post everyday from the start. But my body is like I’m good, it’ll get done, it doesn’t matter when it’s done as long as it’s done and it’s great. My body be silly like that.

Stop Being Sassy

The navigation buttons for my website are being sassy. My friend gave me the “great” suggestion to make them into circles instead of squares. Like it wasn’t hard enough to make them into perfect squares, that didn’t touch, and moved when you hovered over them. Long story short, some padding needed to be changed and em’s needed to be managed…and now I need to center the text…….*sigh*